Your skin is unique.
We know what it needs.

At PFC Cosmetics we are skincare experts.
We know what your skin needs, and we have products and active
ingredients combined and adapted to your skin as it changes

Feel Your Skin
Your skin is constantly evolving

It is exposed to different agents and undergoes changes, causing
it to have different needs all the time (age, weather, work,
environment, skin type, etc.).

Over the years, it requires a combination of products to always give it exactly
what it needs

Perfect Combination
Our products


To every need,
skin type, and


Can be combined with
each other to fully
personalise the


Focused on results
and proven


Formulated with
quality active
ingredients, in high
concentrations and
perfect combinations


Pharmaceutical background

Our pharmaceutical background and expertise that we have been applying to personalised medicine for over 40 years helps us create dermocosmetic products that are effective and that meet all of the skin’s needs, thanks to the perfect combination of the best active ingredients available on the market, with the best possible concentration percentage and created in the most effective way. Work with GPM´s Manufactured and ISO.

Feeling Good
Nuestros valores


We communicate what we do, how we do it and why we do it in a
simple, understandable and honest way


We relate on a one-to-one basis, with empathy and in a personalised way


We deliver results, not promises.
If we can’t prove something, we don’t do it or say it


We project a feel-good image: fresh, colourful and open, which reflects our attitude and the way we do things

What inspires us?

People who feel good about themselves and adopt a positive attitude towards life at all times. People who, no matter what, face their challenges with a smile and fight each day to get what they want in their personal and professional life, They don’t give up when they hit a bump in the road; in fact, they see these bumps as opportunities to overcome a challenge.

Generous and honest people who are always willing to share what they have with their loved ones. They are not willing to pay more for less, only what is right. They worry about the environment, sustainability and social responsibility.
People #FeelingGood


What motivates us?

To help people feel good by providing effective, unique and innovative dermocosmetic solutions that cover all of the skin’s needs.

What do we aspire to?

That people have access to high added value cosmetic products with a fair price